Spaces of Separation

Spaces of separation
The eye begins to see
The ear, finally, hearing
To the voice that calls
From inside of walls
Of a crowded claustrophobic heart

Spaces of separation
Lost longings coaxed out
As we realize
A kinder side of our love

A painting, splotched and splattered,
Uneven hues and ungraceful strokes, but
Only step away a little,
Allow some space for separation, and
Tints, and textures, and contrasts
Become a story that we understand

And, oh, marvel.
We really do love each other.

On gaining assurance of one’s belonging when given a short distance of separation - separation, from the very place that one is most loved, and known, and free.  

On learning that love holds us together, in ways that, often, are unseen to us when we are living in them.

Relationships.  Sometimes some spaces of separation help us to cherish them more.