Untie the Colt, the Master has Need of You!

(A word received by sister Parin, early in the morning on Palm Sunday)

The Lord is untying the colts who have been waiting and waiting... it is time to be free from the post that had held you captive! 
He says, “untie the colt, the master has need of you!”

All that time of waiting, dreaming, wondering if he has forgotten you, felt like giving up on the dreams you had to serve the Lord, did you really hear from the Lord. Why are you still there? Everyone around thought what a waste of time, you could have done whatever you wanted to do, why are you not doing anything, you felt alone, lonely, isolated.. but you persevered! 

Suddenly the season of waiting is over, “untie him!” How you love that voice! Can this be real that finally you could be used by the Lord. 

Jesus wants to ride on you... your heart’s desire of close intimacy and being one with him is becoming a reality... you are no longer tied to a post, you are now tied to Jesus, the lover of your soul! All that waiting was really worth it! He has chosen you! 

You were being prepared for a time such as this because now you are mature, you are teachable, you are no longer wild and full of pride, now you have a broken and a contrite heart, you are bearing much fruit - you are single-minded and focused, obedient, patient, full of compassion and ready to do his will no matter the cost! 

You are going with him to Jerusalem!

You will experience the joys as well as the sorrows of the one you love - you will hear those who will praise him and cry out hosanna to the King! but you also hear those who hate him and cry out: crucify him! crucify him. You will be with him no matter what! Jesus you are worthy of it all!

I picked up my banjo

Ken Calder

I picked up my banjo and started to strum
I could hear the people starting to hummm
They started to dance and they started to sing
Glory to God and glory to their King

As my fingers started to pick up speed
And as I strummed I could see the need
That people who had been in bondage and fear
Began to shout, to dance and to cheer

The King of kings and Lord of lords
Jesus Christ began to appear
as the people began to dance and sing
Glory to God and glory to their King

The chains that held them
in bondage and fear
Were cut by their Saviour so dear
This is why they loved to dance and sing
Before the Lord their glorious King

Now can you see as I sing this song
The people who for far too long
Were held by depression and fear
To be free from the prison that held them so long
Now had a reason to sing this new song

To meet and to know the King of this song
To invite them to family where they belong
To know the love of The Lamb
Follow me, hold my hand
I will take you to the promised land

I’m in the family of God
I sit in wonder and awe
That the King of kings the Lord and Father of all
Took the keys of the kingdom of hell
And said this is not where you will dwell
He said you’re free from sin and death
In me you will find eternal rest
He gave me life and I feel so free
Because of the man who died on the tree

As I lay my head on his glorious chest
I know what it means to enter His rest
All the things that I fear
Cannot touch me here
For He holds me so close with his arm so strong
I know this is where I really belongTruly He is the head of us all
Obedient to his Father’s call
He faced death and conquered fear
And rose again to meet us here
For death He did face
He knew that his love would save us by grace


Ken shared this poem with the family during our 2017-2018 Watch Night Service, and has generously allowed us to share it here! 

Spaces of Separation

Spaces of separation
The eye begins to see
The ear, finally, hearing
To the voice that calls
From inside of walls
Of a crowded claustrophobic heart

Spaces of separation
Lost longings coaxed out
As we realize
A kinder side of our love

A painting, splotched and splattered,
Uneven hues and ungraceful strokes, but
Only step away a little,
Allow some space for separation, and
Tints, and textures, and contrasts
Become a story that we understand

And, oh, marvel.
We really do love each other.

On gaining assurance of one’s belonging when given a short distance of separation - separation, from the very place that one is most loved, and known, and free.  

On learning that love holds us together, in ways that, often, are unseen to us when we are living in them.

Relationships.  Sometimes some spaces of separation help us to cherish them more.