Family Testimony: Moses and Jenny

Dear Zion family, here is an excerpt of a wonderful testimony of how the Lord led Moses and Jenny to our family. We have used our editorial creativity to adapt it for our website.

Hello! Zion family, Praise the Lord He gives me this great opportunity to share to all of you about me and Jenny’s testimony how our beloved Holy Spirit lead us to Church of Zion.  
Our journey started in 2013, when we visited a local church in Surrey and on the very first day, Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “Son this is your stepping stone church”. At that time I can’t understand what’s meant by stepping stone church? Within a year, I have been baptized with the Holy Spirit in the church and then just after a week I have been received the gift of speak in tongue praise the Lord.
Last year December 2016 Holy Spirit starts speaking to my heart, He said, “Son time is ready to move.” Then I asked where we should go Lord.  Until June 2017 finally He said, “Son, you grew up in Zion and now back to Zion”. (My church in Malaysia is Zion Methodist Church).  Though there are multiple Zion churches in Vancouver, our God is so amazing. One of my church brother tells me Moses do you know Church of Zion? They have Sunday service at Pacific Academy Surrey and very close to your house, I have no idea why he tells me all this for no reason at all.  
On the July 16 Sunday when I turn my car enter to P.A., Alex followed behind and he parks his car just 2 spots away from my car. So I went to ask him, “Excuse me, Sir! Do you know where the church of Zion is?” He shows me the way, and the moment we enter that “door” my Zion’s journey started.  Let me using this few words to describe this wonderful Zion’s journey --“excited”, “unprecedented”, “unbelievable”, and “FAMILY”.  
Since then, the Lord has given us signs over and over to confirm that our Zion’s journey is true, Hallelujah!
Let me use this scripture for the final (Zechariah 1:14 - So the angel who spoke with me said to me, “Proclaim, saying, 'Thus says the LORD of hosts: I am zealous for Jerusalem and for Zion with great zeal'.").  Amen.