We are ZYP.

(The Zion young people, to clear up any confusion there)

Welcome! We invite you to browse around this page for info on all the upcoming events.

Contact information regarding the times and places of our upcoming events can be found at the bottom of the page.


Upcoming events


Weekly Friday night Meetings


Please contact us via the link below for location and other details!


A spoken word by Alex Bassett.

Watch the full story here.


A series of sharing and revelation from Jesse Ongkili.

Watch the full series here.

Get in touch

Our primary form of communication is WhatsApp! You can download it from the following links on iTunes, App StoreGoogle Play, or Desktop. This is where we share hearts, make plans, and express our thoughts and desires whenever we are not physically together. If you would like to take part, Please contact one of the following numbers:

Coming Soon

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