our vision

We are a church of prayer and worship as a lifestyle, longing for the fullness of God’s glory.

We wait on God until we hear Him corporately.  When we hear, we inquire of Him for the steps and timing.

We are committed to, and enjoy the protection and synergy experienced while serving in teams.

We see ourselves as a part of, and are committed to walk with, the church in the city, the church in the nation, and the body at large in the nations.

We have a heart for the “one new man” - Jew and Gentile.  

We value the voice that God has given children, and choose to make room for them to share.

We are a local church functioning in the five-fold ministry as a team with a leader.



God says to you "team." He’s gonna call you to be yoked to other people…This church… the Lord speaks to this church and says this is a team church. This is a church of teams.  And there will be many different teams in this church.

There will be evangelistic teams.  There will be worship teams. There will be missionary teams. There will be prayer teams. There will be worship teams. There will be teams to do with drama. Teams to do with reaching the needy.

Team, team. Team! Team! Team!