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Who We Are

We are a people with a passion to know and experience the presence of the Lord and to spend time and wait in His presence to hear His heart and His desire. This expresses itself in much time in worship and prayer. We find that His presence brings healing, comfort, encouragement and resolves many problems and issues more effectively than much discussion and human effort. Frequently we sense His further direction for our meeting and for our lives during this time. Our primary concern is not so much, "what do you think?" but, "what are you hearing the Lord say?"

We continually lay down our agenda and do not take initiative until He speaks and His desire is confirmed by others in the body. This maintains the unity and grants a sweet anointing and an amazing corporate authority. This is not a matter of telling anyone what to do, but rather results in a special wisdom and spiritual impact even world-wide.

Each one is open to input and fellowship so that we corporately own whatever action is taken. So, when we go out we carry the weight of the body and whatever results are attained belongs to the whole body.

The Lord has granted us a love and trust for one another so that we can truly prefer one another and drop our personal interests without jealousy or suspicion. This often expresses itself by recognizing that at times, another, perhaps much younger, may have a clearer sense or a timely word. We prefer to travel and minister in teams.

Practically this means that our meetings are never routine and always contain life, insight, and adventure beyond our personal plans. We are open to the spiritual gifts, prophetic words, praying and singing in the Spirit, manifestations, etc.

We sincerely desire that every believer's calling and gift be perceived and released according to God's purpose for them and not for furthering a leaders purposes.

Presently many of our leaders and teams are sought out and travel to many places throughout the world to mentor and shepherd, and are asked to be "fathers" to many persons and groups. This involves many who have gifts and callings, but who have felt used, abused and confused. Our purpose is to bless, release, cover, comfort, protect and mentor such in a relationship of love and trust. The relationships thus formed do not create an organization but a fellowship and a bond in the Spirit that transcends human or religious structures. At the same time we do not challenge, or question, anyone’s involvement with or loyalty to denominations or other organizations. Each must be encouraged and set free to respond to the Lord as He directs.